Worst Hotel experience ever


When my family decided to make a holiday in Hong Kong, after booking our flight we had to book a good hotel there. So we checked a few travel site and found hotels are too costly there. Not a single 5 star hotel was available below 10K INR per night. So finally, we decided to book a 4 star hotel and booked WINLAND 800 hotel for around 9000 per night with breakfast. Hotel was looking good and premium.

After a few days, we reached Hong Kong and after clearing immigration, we came out side of airport and decided to take a taxi to the hotel as we didn’t prebooked any pickup service or something like that beforehand. Here we got to know that the hotel is far away from the city center and is situated in a remote island. It was a big disappointment but nothing can be done now and had to stay there only.

 Definitely it was not hotel’s mistake, we should check this before booking. Anyway, we reached the hotel and found it OK type. It was not as beautiful as it was looking in images but it was not cheap too. We checked in there and as expected, room was too small. Anyway we had a a short rest and left for our first destination THE PEAK TRAM. Read more about THE PEAK in a separate blog. We came back late at night and as we were tired we slept. So far not much issue with the hotel, the problem stared from next day when we reached the restaurant for our breakfast.

When we reached the breakfast area we got to know that there is no buffet option. We had to choose either from CHINESE BREAKFAST or ENGLISH BREAKFST and they will serve that on our table. On enquiry they told us that Chinese breakfast has some noodle and egg and in English breakfast they have bread butter or JAM. Nothing else was available. As we are Vegetarians, we decided to have English breakfast. They asked to choose one from butter and JAM. I simply opted for butter and they served us 4 pcs of bread (2 nos. of bread for each person) and 2 Chiplets of butter. We were so surprised on small quantity of breakfast served but thought, maybe have to ask for more breads. But to surprise when we asked for more bread they denied and said only 2 pcs of breads are served, if you need more, you have to pay for it. Shocked, isn’t it? A bigger surprise was awaiting us.

My wife said she don’t want to have butter, so we asked to give us JAM. To my utter surprise the waiter took one butter chiplet  and replaced it with JAM chiplet. Never in my dream I imagined this type of cheapness in any hotel. Even a basic Dhaba type hotel won’t show such cheapness. I know, the butter chiplet was not of our use but still it was coming as a shock for us. Somehow, we finished our breakfast and came out of hotel for taxi. We both and my little daughter were badly hungry as 4 pcs of bread cannot feed 2 adults and a child. Luckily we found a 7 eleven just beside the hotel and bought some juice and other items to feed us. Next day same thing happen but this time we were not surprised. This was the main issue with us but other than that we had a few minor issues also.

Such as one day when I called the housekeeping for an extra towel it took me good 15 mins or more to let him understand what I want. It was all due to accent issues. I was asking for TOWEL and perhaps they pronounce it as TOWAL. Just a small difference but the housekeeper was too arrogant and was not getting what I wanted to ask for. It took me good 15 minutes to clear what I wanted.

Other than that, a few more things happen but not so big that needs to discuss about.

Overall, a very bad experience with the hotel and I will recommend to skip the hotel for your stays in Hong Kong.


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