Malaysia eNTRI service for Indian tourists suspended till urther notice

Malaysia has suspended eNTRI service for Indians for some time.

Sometime ago (around 2017) Malaysia started an easier and cheaper VISA SERVICE  for Indians, called eNTRI. 

This service was to encourage Indians to travel Malaysia easily. Malaysian Government had even reduced VISA fee for Indian compared to other countries.

When I went to Malaysia for the first time is 2018, I used the  eNTRI service and I got my VISA so quickly. Next year when I was going Hong Kong again I chose to stay for 2-3 days in Kuala lumpur and I got my Malaysia VISA easily and I was very much happy that I don’t have to spend a lot on VISA fee.

But in February 2023, when I planned to have a small vacation in Malaysia I again decided to get my VISA through eNTRI, but when I tried to open the official eNTRI service website  it just  didn’t opened. I could just see an error message stating :-

Due to server maintenance, all our services are stopped currently. For existing application holder, mail to

I initially thought that there is some maintanance going on of the server so I decided to come back at a later time. But even after 1-2 days I was seeing the same message.

Then I decided to google about the problem and found that eNTRI service has stopped a while ago. Sorry don’t know exactly when it stopped, and there is no official statement that when it will be back on.

So if you are also planning to visit Malaysia in near future, you only have option to get a regular visa instead of eNTRI note. There is no official announcement when the eNTRI service will resume.

you can find more detail about the  same at

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