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Hi, I am a hobbyist photographer. It means I am not a professional in this field. I do photography just because I love to shoot the world with my camera.

On this website. I post my personal experiences. As I am not a professional in the field of photography, sometimes even if I want to do something, I can't just because I will need something that's not possible without professional approach. In that case I have to either skip the work or have to find some work around.

It may be that work around is not perfect or may not work as it is intended. but with hobbyist approach and my limited knowledge and resources I can’t do better than this.

I know many more people are having same scenario as me. Hence if some trick worked for me, it may be it can help someone else too. 


So sometimes if my trick is not technically perfect, it may do the basic job. 

If you find my tips not right. Just don’t bash me and please let me know, I will try to set it up right, my best.

Not only photography, but I also love to travel the world. Here in my blogs I will try to share my experiences, I got while visiting somewhere.


How and Why

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History and Inspiration

I initially made a Instagram profile in my name, but as it was a personal account and had many limitations I decided to create a profile on 500px.com for me but it was also not letting me do what I actually wnated to. 

Other than that I am a lavel 3 writer on Tripadvisor.com but it also has so many limitations and restrictions on what I want to write about. So I finally decided make a personal blog that allows me to do everything what I wanted to,



When I decided to make a blog for me. I decided to make it by myself only as I don't have any funding backup for the blog. I am not going to earn a single penny from this blog. So hiring a pro for making a blog for me was not an option for me. Hence I purchased a domain and started making a blogging site for me. although it's a touch job for a person who has not learned any coding. I still worked hard and my the whole website by my self.


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